Safer and Faster

Modular supports are bolted solutions that are clamped to your existing steel, making them much safer and faster to install.

  • They also remain adjustable after installation
  • Easy QC, just torque and mark!

As heavy-duty as you need it to be

I&M’s network of suppliers allows us to provide the right modular solution for each application.

I&M is also the exclusive Canadian distributor of Sikla, the most comprehensive modular solution in the market.  I&M is also partnered with other modular support suppliers, giving you a one stop shop for modular supports.

I&M Modular Supports – Sample Steel profiles

Permanent Vibration-proof Fasteninig

All modular support solutions use the self-forming fastening technique

  • Steel thread deforms steel on entry
  • Non-cutting
  • Reusable bolts, either in the same location or a different one
Vibration-fastening 1