All the services required for the successful implementation of modular solutions are available from I&M, in-house.

This allows us to provide a faster, more efficient service than cross-shopping modular support suppliers.

Think of this like a catalogue, you choose the services that are required for your project.  Anything from basic supply to a turn-key project.

All of the services required for modular supports under one roof

  • Engineering
  • 3D Modeling
  • Procurement and Kitting
  • Material Management and Tracking
    • Auto BOM
    • RFID, GPS and INS solutions
  • Construction
    • Installation
    • Scaffolding
    • Piping
    • Electrical services
    • QA/QC
  • As-Built Services
    • Laser Scanning
  • Concrete Scanning and Repair
    • X-Ray, GPR, Impact Echo and Ultrasonic Pulse


I&M will design your support, through industry standard software and according to Canadian Codes:

  • Each support comes with a detail drawing
  • Stamping available all across Canada
  • On-site support is available

3D Modelling

I&M will 3D model the support structures during the design stage to check for clashes:

  • I&M can operate from inside your office. You do not need to release your 3D model externally
  • We support all 3D formats (Intergraph, Aveva, Navisworks…)

Procurement and Kitting

I&M is the exclusive distributor of Sikla in Canada, and partnered with other suppliers in Canada

  • Material is available locally in Alberta and BC
  • 24-48hrs delivery time to site
  • Kitting is available

Material Management and Tracking

Modular Support components are should not be misplaced on site, and should be correctly installed.

Welcome to IMTrack©, I&M’s in-house material tracking solution:

  • Track material, equipment, and personnel on your site, or outside it
  • Monitors material kitting procedure, material issue, transport, and construction.

You will know:

• If an item is missing

• If an item is incorrectly placed into a kit or support

• The last location of the item

• Who was issued the item

• Who installed the item

  • Customizable interface can be integrated with your security gate, and material management software, on several locations
  • RFID designation is incorporated during the design phase, the tag info is shown in the detail drawing

track IM IMTrack©


Modular supports provide Safest & Fastest construction experience.

I&M’s construction team has experience with installing modular solutions on Oil & Gas sites in western Canada.  Our in-house capabilities include everything required to reach and install the supports:

  • Installing modular supports
  • Scaffolding
  • Electrical Works
  • Piping
  • QA/QC

As-Built Services

When working in the following situations:

  • Final QA/QC
  • Information on existing site conditions is not available
  • highly congested areas

l&M uses the latest 3D high-definition laser scanning technology and 3D modeling software to produce an engineering grade model of the existing site.

Concrete Scanning and Repair

When installing on concrete, you might need to know the location of the rebar. Different techniques suit different situations, and each has its own limitation.

l&M‘s unique expertise in various concrete testing technologies gives you a full view of your concrete’s condition:

  • X-Ray
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Impact Echo
  • Ultrasonic Velocity Pulse

I&M has the capability to provide recommendations and execute the repairs for your concrete structure.